Pine Hollow Peak

December 1, 2017

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With November having passed and the trails still mostly clear in American Fork Canyon, I headed out again to one of my favorite off-season hiking haunts: Pine Hollow Trail. This is one of those hopping-off points that connects to several areas, making it perfect for adapting to conditions or if you’re just feeling indecisive and feel like winging it.

This was mostly the latter kind of trip. I didn’t really have a destination in mind and just wanted to get out for a day and explore while the conditions allowed. I got a reasonably early start and was able to hit the trail by 0730. I didn’t spend much time tuning my gear and went with my usual winter day hiking load. I did take a packable down vest, gloves, hat, windbreaker, hiking poles, and trail crampons along to help deal with conditions.

Hazy Morning

It was pretty hazy getting started, which was disappointing since the forecast had called for sunny conditions. But within an hour or so it started to break up and let some patches of sun in as I reached the meadow at the end of the Pine Hollow Trail.

Skies are clearing

Things were looking up weather wise so I decided to take Ridge Trail 157 over to Mud Springs and explore a trail that heads off toward Pine Hollow Peak. I had started up this trail on an earlier trip and was curious about what else might be up there. It was continuing to clear up and I hoped to get some nice views.

I was not disappointed and found a great overlook that is ironically directly above the parking lot. Being about 2500 feet higher though, gives it great views of Timpanogos and the rest of American Fork Canyon. The views to the North are also impressive but on this day the best shots were to the West and Southwest toward Timp and the mouth of the canyon where the haze was lingering down in the canyon. Definitely some of the better photos of 2017.

Mt. Timpanogos

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