A good start to July

Originally posted July 14th 2014

I stole away for a day during the Independence Day holiday weekend to check out a location that I’d heard of offering decent small stream fishing for those willing to work for it. As with anywhere within two hours of Salt Lake City, there were a lot of folks in their 5th wheels along the side of the road and I began to have serious reservations about what I was getting into.

However, I kept driving on toward the source of the stream and managed to leave most of the crowds behind. I expected a hike to get to it, and I wasn’t to be disappointed. After dodging a few motorcycles headed up the same trail (fortunately the only ones I saw all day) and hoofing it about a mile I began to realize that the side trail I hoped to follow was very intermittent and hard to find. No worries, though; I simply followed the little rivulet that promised to merge with a bigger sibling only another half mile or so ahead.

It took some serious slogging but eventually I found the stream I’d been looking for and it was a beauty for sure. I excitedly rigged up and scoped out the first stretch. Only a few casts in and wham: a splashy rise followed by a serious bend in the 4 wt I’d selected for the trip. After a short struggle I had the fish coming to hand and realized I’d neglected the net. Still, I brought him in and managed to shoot an incredibly shitty picture before the release.

Wow, a respectable start for sure and already the hike in was worth it. I worked upstream for a moment and saw that I was not completely alone here. A pair of anglers were working a stretch a few pools up so after a few casts to the most obvious runs between myself and the upstream pair I turned around and started working downstream instead.

Working downstream kinda sucked but the rewards kept coming so i braved the nettles and awful trails (where ther were any) to bring in the next few.

After a bit I ran into another pair of anglers working upstream and decided that it was time to start the hike out. The few hours I spent here definitely treated me well even though almost evenly divided between scrambling/hiking and actually fishing. I’ll surely be back on a less popular day to work the whole upper stretch. Now that I’ve scouted it I expect I’ll be able to keep a line in the water longer. Think I’ll bring a 5 wt though and try to remember the net!

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