My summer on Timpanogos

Originally published August 28th 2016

I guess it’s something of a rite of passage for a transplant to Utah to go through this. Had I grown up a native I probably would have completed my pilgrimage to the summit of Mt. Timpanogos in my 20s but having lived here for “only” 18 years I suppose I’m right about on time despite being in my mid 40’s. Despite the fact that American Fork Canyon has been my #1 favorite hiking and fishing spot area in Utah for years now, the peak has only caught my attention this year. I’ve been twice but have yet to actually make the summit. Honestly, it’s a formality but one that I have to complete before the end of the year if I’m to keep my self respect.

Surprisingly, though the trailhead is only about 75 minutes from my front door once you’re up there you can find enough space to have a nice overnight stay; at least that’s the case on the weekdays. The trail to the peak is shockingly busy but only a handful of these are staying for the night. I don’t think I’d try staying on a Friday or Saturday night in the summer though.

So my first trip up this year was the first of the season with my Son Dzevad, and was a sort of trial for him to see if his expressed desire to get into some hiking and backpacking with the old man was going to hold up. Our intention was to go as far as Scout Falls but this was only a very short hike and we were ready for more and pressed on all the way up to the basin before heading back. There was a little too much snow and we weren’t really prepared for that. It’s good we did anyway as the long trip back was pretty brutal on Dzevad and got him broken in really well for the several other hikes we would do this summer.

Dzevad at Timpanogos Basin, June 19th 2016 [See the trip on Ramblr]

Our next trip up was an overnighter and was thoroughly enjoyable. Overnight we were treated to gusty summer thunderstorms (mostly dry) and I was shocked to hear coyotes up at this altitude. While we still didn’t make the summit, we did trek over to Emerald Lake for some water and had a very nice time out. Before the end of the year I’ll probably post again when I actually make the summit.

Timpanogos ridgeline, August 7th 2016 [See the trip on Ramblr]


Finally made it to the summit. Now I can move on to other trips.

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