Silver Lake

September 18, 2016

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This short out and back hike is always one of my favorites. I got an early start and was well up the trail by 7 AM.

The trailhead to Silver Lake

This is a good thing because it’s a very popular trail and by the time I’m headed back in the early afternoon I usually encounter a ton of folks on their way up! And besides, you don’t catch moments like this unless you get up and hit the trail early.

Aspens lit by the morning sun

It’s a really gorgeous lake in rugged surroundings. I hear there are grayling planted here but have never personally caught any here.

Arrival at Silver Lake

On this trip I took the opportunity to explore a stony knob at the Southwest end of the lake. It offers some unique views and potential camping opportunities away from the more popular sites adjacent to the lake itself.

White Baldy and Silver Lake from the SW

The start of fall colors was also noticeable at this altitude. Summer is definitely over and fall is creeping in. So much the better that I was able to getaway for one of my favorite hikes before the snow hits.

Fall colors are setting in

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