Mill Canyon Day Hike

October 9, 2016

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Dzevad has picked up a bit of a photography bug and was looking for some nice photo ops. Having done this trail in the past I knew just how amazing the views are from this ridge and he had a new daypack to break in. Sounds like an excuse to hike – not that I need one!

This is a bit longer than what Dzevad usually does in a day though. It was good to see that he’s completely capable of it even if he’s usually ready to head home much sooner than I am. The promise of great photographic vistas was enough to keep him going.


Dževad gets his photography on

We got a good early start and hit the Mill Canyon trailhead at 8 AM. It was really cold! My thermometer was showing low 30s as we slogged up the frosty canyon looking longingly at the upper elevations bathed in the morning sun.


A frosty morning

Sun is almost here!

Eventually a combination of reaching the upper canyon stretch and rising sun broke the chill and made the hike a lot more pleasant. We had some company too, on the form of about a half-dozen dirt bikers headed up the trail.


Bikers headed up the trail

As we neared the ridge line it really started to heat up. Just below the ridge we stopped at Mill Canyon Spring to cool off, rest up, and have a snack of beef jerky and M&Ms.


Canyon starts to open up just below the spring

At this point Dževad was impatient for the aforementioned vistas so we set off again and soon enough Timpanogos came into full view and delivered on all I had promised him. We must’ve shot hundreds of photos on that hike and since then hundreds more but it never gets old. This trail really delivers in the views department.


Timpanogos delivers on the promise of great photos


Watching Dževad as he takes it all in

We continued down the ridge until we came to the junction with the Tibble Fork loop trail and headed down. Since the lower section of that trail is closed due to the construction at Tibble Fork, we took a cutoff trail that hops back over to Mill Canyon. This was an unexpectedly gorgeous section of trail that led through a grove of aspens in their golden fall colors. I’ve got a pin in this section as a place to came back and camp some night.


Such amazing fall colors here

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