Seawind in Pinecrest

July 21, 2018 | GAIA GPS track |Flickr Photos

After a long hiatus, I’ve gotten back into geocaching this year. If you don’t know about this, head over to and check it out. Basically a community of users create caches and share the GPS coordinates for others to come and find. It’s a bit addictive and gamification makes it compelling to improve your stats and earn souvenirs, etc. The draw for me is really about all the new and interesting places that it leads me to.

The Miner’s Trail above the Pinecrest community in Utah is a perfect example. It’s a little “populated place” tucked away in the upper reaches of Emigration Canyon along Burr Fork creek. With a few houses alongside the road as it winds up the canyon it’s sparsely populated from what I saw, but I didn’t continue past the trailhead. I found an article on Utah Outside with more information for those interested about hiking the trail.

I came to discover it while searching for a good stretch of trail with geocaches to find. This is a themed series of 15 caches along a 3.5 mile stretch that follows the Miners Trail to the top of a ridge overlooking Red Butte Canyon and then beyond to a higher ridge. I’m not much into urban geocaching so these are the ones I look for, especially when they’re along new trails I haven’t hiked before.

The caches are named for the world’s 15 tallest mountain peaks and are strung along the trail at roughly 1000 foot intervals until you get to the final two, at which point you’ll need to depart the trail and bushwhack up a ridge to the final two. This stretch is brushy at first but quickly clears out; the ridge is an arid stretch of stone outcrops with much less brush. Game trails are easy to pick up and follow to the final two stops.

I was able to get out early and started up the trail by 7 AM. Which I would recommend in July – by midday it gets really hot up here and there is not a lot of water to be found and what is there can be hard to get at. Even if you filter I recommend carrying 2 liters per person in the summer months. Traffic is moderate, you’re not likely to have solitude but it’s uncrowded. It might actually be best out here in the fall when oaks have changed color and the temperatures are a little milder.

These are well maintained caches and hats off to Seawind for creating a great set of interesting caches in this unique area.

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