The occasional peakbagger: Twin Peaks

After summiting the Pfeifferhorn a few weeks earlier I decided to push a little more and try to make the summit of Twin Peaks in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

See trip photos on Flickr. GPS track on Gaia GPS 

Sep 23, 2018 7:26 AM
Duration (Total) 8h 33m 36s , Distance 9.8 mi
This is a steep trail and it gets pretty demanding from the upper basin to the ridge. There’s a ton of loose talus and you need to watch out for climbers above and below.
-Tracked by utfisher, on Ramblr
Thought I could tackle this after completing the Pfeifferhorn but once I was at the ridge I decided I just did not have enough energy to continue safely, I don’t quite have the endurance for the full trip but I’ll be back – either for an overnight in the upper basin and summit from there or maybe I’ll get stronger by next year.
Broad’s Fork
Fall colors starting in the aspens
Above 7500 feet the fall colors are kicking in already
The lower basin
Dromedary and O’Sullivan Peaks
Entering the upper basin talus becomes the dominant terrain and these peaks dominate the landscape
Thats the ridge I’m headed for
Most of the climbing I would need to do wasn’t visible from here
From the ridge
Looking down little cottonwood canyon from the ridge
Straight across the little cottonwood
Pfeifferhorn is the prominent peak at left. I think the drainage directly across is called the Hogum Fork
The way forward
I don’t think I was really up for this at this point of the trip
The way back
From the ridge back to the upper basin
Beautiful day for a hike
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