Grandview Peak

This peak is a fairly remote one and takes some work to get to, but it has breathtaking views and I can say without hesitation that it’s worth the effort. I took the route following the Great Western Trail from Big Mountain pass and the continuous up and down makes the route even harder. There’s no easy downhill coasting after the summit, you’ve still got more to climb. There’s also no water to speak of so bring all you need for a hike of this length.

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This hike is accessed from Big Mountain Pass (N 40.827849 W 111.653966), where ample parking and primitive facilities are available. The trail itself begins directly across the road where the trail signage can be easily seen even though the trail initially cannot. It climbs rapidly to a ridgeline above the road with terrific vistas. On this hike I was treated to an epic sunrise view.

Sunrise over Big Mountain Pass

The trail then turns to the North and follows a ridgeline, then through an aspen grove before siding up to Big Mountain itself about 3 miles in. It’s an easy peak bagging opportunity and worth the short diversion – if nothing else you can survey the trail ahead from a nice vantage point.

Big Mountain Peak vlog

From Big Mountain the trail turns into more of a road for the next several miles and follows the ridge North. These roads appear to originate on the private property held by the East Canyon Resort that border this area to the East. Please respect their copious signage and stay on the West side of the ridge. Once you reach Swallow Rocks the road will continue to the North into more private property. The trail continues on to the West above Box Spring hollow. There’s another good climb ahead As you descend into a low ridge connecting two peaks and have to climb back up to the high ridgeline.

Another stretch following the ridgeline will take you to the base of Grandview. The final ascent is steep but short and there’s plenty of room at the top to relax for a bit and take it all in. Don’t forget to sign the summit register!

Grandview Peak vlog

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