High Uintas trail report

For those who might be interested, the high Uintas trails are becoming hikeable. Dzevad and I did a quick out-and-back to Clyde Lake this weekend. At 10,500 feet it's a good indicator of the trail conditions at higher elevations. It was legitimately HOT when we started up, unexpectedly so. Consequently I expect that these conditions … Continue reading High Uintas trail report

Scouting Uinta Lakes

November 14th, 2016 Trip details at http://rblr.co/MyIf With the nice weather holding this late in the year in the Uintas you practically have to go hiking. These lakes were mostly new to me and I wanted to scout them out for fly fishing trips. It was trivial to plan a route with minimal bushwhacking that … Continue reading Scouting Uinta Lakes

Boulder Hopping in the Headwaters of the Weber River

November 7, 2016 Trip details at http://rblr.co/Mosa More photos at https://flic.kr/s/aHskLfFQvQ I'd been planning this trip for a while and originally intended it to be a 3 day hike but work again prevented any overnight trips. Despite the lateness of the season the weather was holding and I decided to try the hike anyway but … Continue reading Boulder Hopping in the Headwaters of the Weber River

Blanche Lake

October 2, 2016 See trip details at http://rblr.co/LibR See more photos at https://flic.kr/s/aHsm1TNfwU After our snowy styiming in the Uintas Dzevad and I decided to try something new at a lower elevation and a bit closer to home. As it turned out this hike is a real gem and one of my favorites of the … Continue reading Blanche Lake

Ice off at 9000 feet

Originally published May 14th 2015 With the light snow this last winter I wanted to take an early shot at an alpine lake that I've been looking to fish. Noticing that the roads had opened I added the trip to my to-do and started gathering gear to prepare. It's just a day trip but at … Continue reading Ice off at 9000 feet