Late-season hike to Timpanogos Basin

November 25th, 2017 Track details Photos Trail Info I’ve been meaning to get back up on Timpanogos all year. Between work demands and trepidation of the painful recoveries that my forays up this mountain required last year I never could quite get to it until after Thanksgiving. With a few weeks … Continue reading Late-season hike to Timpanogos Basin

Scouting Uinta Lakes

November 14th, 2016 Trip details at With the nice weather holding this late in the year in the Uintas you practically have to go hiking. These lakes were mostly new to me and I wanted to scout them out for fly fishing trips. It was trivial to plan a route with minimal bushwhacking that … Continue reading Scouting Uinta Lakes

Boulder Hopping in the Headwaters of the Weber River

November 7, 2016 Trip details at More photos at I'd been planning this trip for a while and originally intended it to be a 3 day hike but work again prevented any overnight trips. Despite the lateness of the season the weather was holding and I decided to try the hike anyway but … Continue reading Boulder Hopping in the Headwaters of the Weber River

Mill Canyon Day Hike

October 9, 2016 Trip details at More photos at Dzevad has picked up a bit of a photography bug and was looking for some nice photo ops. Having done this trail in the past I knew just how amazing the views are from this ridge and he had a new daypack to break … Continue reading Mill Canyon Day Hike

Blanche Lake

October 2, 2016 See trip details at See more photos at After our snowy styiming in the Uintas Dzevad and I decided to try something new at a lower elevation and a bit closer to home. As it turned out this hike is a real gem and one of my favorites of the … Continue reading Blanche Lake

Early snow in the Uintas

September 25, 2016 See trip details at Dzevad and I had planned to hike over to Notch lake over the weekend but recent cold, wet storms had put down considerable snow at 10K elevation and cut our trip a bit short The trailhead parking lot We had boots and gaiters though, so we took … Continue reading Early snow in the Uintas