Pine Hollow Peak

I returned to Pine Hollow Peak in October,  2018. It's always a thoroughly enjoyable hike and one of my favorites for Fall and Spring. This hike starts on Pine Hollow Trail, continues on Ridge Trail 157, then follows the Mud Springs trail before branching off to Pine Hollow Peak. Conditions were pretty muddy due to … Continue reading Pine Hollow Peak

Mill B North Fork hike September 30, 2018

A great day hike if you're looking for a bit of a challenge and a bit less company. The trail connects to a few others at the top of the ridge with options that lead to the Mill A Basin, Porter Fork, Gobblers Knob, Mt Raymond, Desolation Trail, and others.  Starting at the Mill B … Continue reading Mill B North Fork hike September 30, 2018

Late-season hike to Timpanogos Basin

November 25th, 2017 Track details Photos Trail Info I’ve been meaning to get back up on Timpanogos all year. Between work demands and trepidation of the painful recoveries that my forays up this mountain required last year I never could quite get to it until after Thanksgiving. With a few weeks … Continue reading Late-season hike to Timpanogos Basin

Mill Canyon Day Hike

October 9, 2016 Trip details at More photos at Dzevad has picked up a bit of a photography bug and was looking for some nice photo ops. Having done this trail in the past I knew just how amazing the views are from this ridge and he had a new daypack to break … Continue reading Mill Canyon Day Hike